Welcome to FixYourStitch!

We are all about keeping your embroidery machines running smoothly and producing for you.

We are the manufacturers and distributors of Needle Ease, a revolutionary tool to help you install and properly set your needles in your embroidery machine.

We are the creator of Hook Wash. A one of a kind product designed to keep the key parts of your embroidery machine clean and ready to work.  

Fix Your Stitch offers on-site and off-site maintenance and repair services.

About Fix Your Stitch

Needle Ease

A revolutionary tool that helps you make sure your needle is properly oriented every time. Makes it super easy to install new needles!

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Hook Wash

Frequent use of Hook Wash enhances the performance of your embroidery machine


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Tech Support, Repair, and Maintenance

We have been offering on-site and off-site embroidery machine repair and maintenance services for all makes and models of commercial embroidery machines. 

Before you call us to schedule a service visit, be sure to check out our library of videos and tips. Maybe we can help you fix your problem without a visit.

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